Siding & Home Exteriors

Siding & Home Exteriors

From fascia to siding and everything in between, Pitbull Construction has extensive experience executing home exterior projects in Calgary and its surrounding areas. If the exterior of your house is in need of a revamp or some TLC, we can affordably upgrade the look of your home or give it the necessary protection it needs to withstand our harsh elements and pesky critters. 

For more information on our home exterior services or to receive a free estimate on your project, contact us today. 

Our home exterior services

The exterior of your home is what people first see when they arrive at your house. Making sure it has the proper curb appeal and conveys the pride of ownership you have in your home is important. Almost as important are the things that people usually don't see, such as fascia and soffit. While these elements can upgrade the look of your home, they're best at protecting it. 


Soffit is the material underneath your roof's overhang. It helps protect against moisture and also keeps pests such as birds from nesting within your roof. By installing new soffit, you can quickly and affordably give the exterior of your house a noticeable and nice makeover while further protecting it from the elements and creatures who would like to live in your house too. 


Fascia is what covers the end of your roof's rafters, further closing off your home from damaging moisture or animals. By working in conjunction with the soffit of your house, fascia ensures a tight seal around your roof and can also be used to cost-effectively give your home a sharp makeover. While fascia (or soffit for that matter) are not things most homeowners give much thought to, making sure they're in good shape and doing what they're designed to do are critically important for the exterior of your home. 


At Pitbull Construction, we can expertly install new siding on the exterior of your home that will make it look like a brand new house. We specialize in vinyl, fiber cement, and composite wood siding. All three of these products are long-lasting siding materials that require minimal maintenance, but provide serious curb appeal. With over 22 years of experience, you can count on us for any exterior home renovations within Calgary or its surrounding areas.

Hardie Board & Smartboard / Smartpanel

If you're looking for something a bit different from vinyl siding, Pitbull Construction can provide and expertly install one of these two alternatives to give your home a distinct look from the rest of the houses in your neighbourhood. Hardie Board is produced by James Hardie and is renowned for its durability, colour and texture selection, and low maintenance. This fiber cement siding is made out of synthetic materials and can mimic nearly any other type of siding material at a much more affordable price. Smartboard siding, also referred to as Smartpanel siding, is made up of engineered wood that is coated in a waxy substance that makes it even more water resistant. This siding material also comes in a wide variety of colours and textures, allowing you to customize the look of your home exactly the way you want. 

Eavestroughs / Gutters

Eavestroughs or gutters are perhaps the most underrated part of your home's exterior protection. These vitally important pieces protect your roof and foundation from the catastrophic damage water can unleash on our houses. If they're not functioning properly, water can pool on your roof and cause irreparable damage to it, or water can seep into your foundation and cause an even bigger problem. If your eavestroughs or gutters are looking a little worse for wear and in need of replacing, call us today for an affordable fix.

5 reasons you should work with us

1. Experience

Pitbull Construction has been in business for 22 years. You don't make it this long without knowing exactly what you're doing and doing it exceptionally well. 

2. Warranties

We stand behind our work and offer a 5-year warranty on everything our garage construction entails. We also offer a 10-year labour warranty on our roofing work. 

3. Competitive and affordable pricing

Pitbull Construction is proud to offer extremely competitive and affordable pricing for all our services. Contact us today for a FREE estimate. 

4. Safety

Safety is non-negotiable at Pitbull. We have extensive safety protocols in place and all our contractors undergo thorough safety training before they ever step foot on a site. 

5. Thorough clean up and site inspection

We strongly believe in leaving a place better than we found it. Every site is thoroughly cleaned up and inspected before we leave it for good. That's a promise. 

The Pitbull Construction Home Exterior Project Process

Consultation and requirements gathering:  
  • Site inspection
  • Measurements
  • Options and specifications
  • Project strategy and timelines
  • Submission
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Outline milestones 
  • Two equal payments (50% on approval, 50% on completion)
  • Start and finish dates
Project implementation and delivery:
  • Preparation
  • Remove existing materials
  • Replace/remove rotten plywood
  • Cover with Tyvek vapour barrier (house wrap)
  • Install new system
  • Site cleanup
  • Client delivery

Need new siding?

Pitbull Construction has been expertly executing siding and home exterior projects for over 22 years. Contact us today by calling (403) 971-7806 or by filling out the form below, and receive your FREE estimate to see just how affordable your home exterior renovation can be. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What home exterior products do you use? 

A: Our preferred product of choice is Royal for siding, soffit, fascia, and eavestroughs. For repairs, we match to the existing brand(s) for a seamless finish. 

Q: How long will my siding or home exterior project take? 

A: An average project will take 5-7 business days.

What Clients Are Saying

Pitbull Construction - Serving Calgary for Over 22 Years

Pitbull Construction - Serving Calgary for Over 22 Years

For over two decades, Pitbull Construction has been helping Calgarians with residential roofing, garage packages and other exterior projects including soffit, fascia, siding and Hardie board. The values of our organization are cemented by quality, workmanship, customer experience and value. We price our work to be competitive and attainable for our customers, but deliver a best in class product through expertise and impeccable customer service.  

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If you have any questions about the home exterior services we offer, or would like a free estimate for your upcoming project, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us today by calling (403) 971-7806 or by filling out the form below. 

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