How You Can Protect Your Home from a Hailstorm

How You Can Protect Your Home from a Hailstorm

Has the siding or windows of your house been damaged by hail recently? Wondering how you can better protect it when the next hailstorm hits? Our exterior home renovation contractor has the tips you need to keep your home safe and secure once the hail starts pelting down again. 

It's been four months since a massive hailstorm caused more than $1.2 billion in insured damages across a wide swath of NE Calgary, making it the fourth costliest natural disaster in Canadian history. Many residents who have had their property and homes damaged by the storm are still waiting for repairs, as winter quickly approaches. 

With hail season now in our rearview mirrors it can be easy to forget just how devastating the damage caused by these storms can be. But those homeowners in NE Calgary who still have shredded siding and blown out windows will be happy to remind you.

If you're serious about protecting your property from the ravaging effects of a summer hailstorm in Calgary, then here are the top three tips you need to know.

How You Can Protect Your Home from a Hailstorm

While some of the tips listed below may not have fully protected any home from the historic hailstorm that walloped Calgary back in June, most of the storms we encounter in the summer months that produce hail pale in comparison to the ferocity that was witnessed in the northeast of the city.

For those more common storms, the following measures should help greatly in protecting your home from suffering hail damage.

Upgrade to Impact Resistant Shingles

When it comes to protecting your house from hail, your roof is the first line of defense. When hail begins to reach the size of loonies or toonies, impact resistance shingles like IKO's Class 4 series are essential to avoiding serious roof damage. The shingles are made out of heavy-duty fibreglass and are coated with polymer modified asphalt, providing superior protection against hailstorms. Because they're specifically designed for hail, impact resistant shingles can even get you a discount on your home insurance premiums depending on your insurer's policy.

Outfit Your Windows with Storm Shutters

It's not practical to board up your windows every time a hailstorm threatens to strike, but if you have storm shutters that's exactly what you can do. These window additions can also add a nice aesthetic to your home and increase its curb appeal by separating it from the other houses on your block. With numerous styles and colours to choose from, storm shutters can easily be installed by an experienced exterior renovation contractor such as Pitbull Construction.

Invest in Siding That's Hail Resistant

While cost-effective, standard vinyl siding can not stand up to serious hailstorms as we've seen with the houses in NE Calgary. The photos of homes that have had their siding shredded due to the storm are certainly one of the most striking reminders of this fact. If you want your house to be spared a similar fate the next time a major hailstorm rolls around, you should seriously consider upgrading the siding of your home to stucco, engineered wood, or fibre cement. While more expensive in the short-term, these siding options can provide superior protection and cost savings in the long run.

Ensure You're Adequately Insured

While the above measures will help make your home better protected against hail, ensuring you have adequate insurance and comprehensive coverage will help further safeguard your finances in the event a major hailstorm hits your neighbourhood. Should your home ever suffer hail damage, contact Pitbull Construction and we can come and assess it for free. We have extensive experience working with insurance companies and will help you get everything you can out of your policy without causing your premiums to increase drastically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to upgrade to impact resistant shingles?

On average it costs between $5,000 to $15,000 for a new roof here in Canada, which is totally dependent on how big your roof is and how much repair or replacement work needs to be done. Because impact resistant shingles are a higher quality product and offer superior protection, it will cost a bit more than your standard roof.

Is your roofing work covered by warranty?

Everything we do at Pitbull is backed by warranty because we stand firmly behind our work. For roofing, our labour is covered by an industry-leading 10 year warranty.

When is hail season in Alberta?

Hail season typically runs from June to August in Alberta, with July producing the most severe storms on average. The massive hailstorm we experienced in Calgary last June was an anomaly for its size and scale of destruction, but also for how early it happened in the year.

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