5 Unmistakable Signs Your Home Needs a New or Repaired Roof

5 Unmistakable Signs Your Home Needs a New or Repaired Roof

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of costs. One thing you should certainly be squirrelling money away for is a new roof or roof repair when the time comes. That's because your roof is your first line of defence against rain and snow, and a leaky rough can cause serious damage to the inside of your home.

But it can be tough to know whether you need a new roof or repairs to it by simply using your eyes. Luckily, there are some obvious and unmistakable signs you can look for to let you know when your current roof is kaput.


Don't Neglect Your Roof

We know that the costs can start to pile up when you first purchase a home. Hopefully, you've boughten one with a relatively new roof that is still in good shape. Otherwise, you will want to start socking away some money for when it needs to be replaced or repaired. 

Why you may ask? Because a leaky roof can spell disaster for your house in the form of extensive water damage that is hard to remedy and which often leads to serious renovation work. For this reason, it can actually be more cost-effective to replace your roof than it can be to fix all the damage a leaky one can lead to. 

If you're not sure if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, look for any of the following five unmistakable signs. 

5 Signs You Need a New Roof

1. Curled shingles

Curled shingles are a dead giveaway that your roof is ready to be replaced. As is any other damage you can see with the naked eye, such as missing or cracked shingles. You will also want to keep an eye out for any shingles that appear to be missing granules or ones that have been dented. If the issues are confined to a small section of your roof, you may be able to get away with a minor repair. But if the problem is widespread, be prepared to replace the whole thing.

2. Brown spots on your ceiling

If you see any brown spots on the ceiling of your home's highest level, that's a telltale sign of water damage and you need a roof repair or replacement right away. If you can safely head up to your attic and investigate the cause of the leak, we recommend you do. That way you can see if the problem is limited to one area or if your roof has sprung a huge leak.

3. Light shining through in your attic

If you can safely make it into your attic for a periodic inspection of what's going on up there, it's a good idea. One thing you will want to look for while you're there is any rays of sunlight that might be shining through. If you happen to spot any, that's a bad sign. Because if sunlight can come through, water will too. Be sure to note the area that light is coming through and call a roofing company as quick as you can.

4. Algae on your roof

It always helps to take a look at your roof every now and then when you're coming home from work or outside. If you happen to notice any algae growing on it in a certain spot or see any streaks or dark spots that look out of place, then those could be signs of moisture taking hold in that area. You should call a roofing company and have them inspect the spots before they turn into a bigger problem.

5. Clogged gutters

If you're cleaning your gutters in the spring or fall and notice there are a bunch of granules or pieces of shingle clogging things up, then you better believe an impending roof repair or replacement is on the horizon. As your asphalt roof ages, it will begin to deteriorate and the results of this tend to end up in your gutter.

Spend Now to Save Later

As we mentioned before, you don't want to wait until your roof is leaking to fix the problem. Water damage is the most feared form of damage amongst homeowners for a reason. It can lead to black mould which might make your home extremely difficult to sell once it comes time to do so. It can also lead to costly repair and remediation work that can far surpass the cost of a new or repaired roof. 

Now that you know what to look for when determining if you need a new roof, should you ever come across these signs and find yourself requiring an affordable roofing contractor in Calgary, be sure to contact us to get a free estimate for your project. 


Q: How much does a new roof cost in Calgary?

It typically costs between $4,000 and $10,000 to replace an average roof in Calgary. That being said, sometimes it can cost as little as $2,500 or run you more than $20,000. It all depends on the size of your roof and how steep it is.

Q: How long does a roof last in Calgary?

Depending on the materials you use, a roof in Calgary can last anywhere between 20 to 50 years.

Q: How long does it take roofers to replace a roof?

If you have a smaller home with a roof that can easily be walked on, then it could take just one day to replace it. If you have a larger two-storey home though, you should expect the project to take between two to three days.


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